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Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between the A Standard, Plus and Select?

  Standard Plus Select
Cabinet regular regular upgraded
Jet Bezels regular regular upgraded
Headrests regular upgraded upgraded
Water Feature regular upgraded upgraded
JetPak Count regular upgraded upgraded
Lighting exterior sconce, interior emblem, ozone, waterfall exterior sconce, interior emblem, ozone, waterfall, cupholders, intakes exterior sconce, interior emblem, ozone, waterfall, cupholders, intakes, JetPaks
Control Panel button touch screen touch screen
Auxillary Buttons X yes yes
Headrest Lighting X X yes

Benefits of an Ozone System vs. Salt Water?

Salt water is known for producing its own chlorine and having benefits for your skin, it is great, in a pool not a spa however. Salt water will corrode heater elements, pumps, gaskets, etc., fast in such a small body of water, it will also create a relaxing aroma of hot, chlorinated, salty water. The ozone system on the other hand eats the residual chlorine in the spa only leaving the chemical properties to sanitize but not have the feel or smell. It mimics the salt water system leaving your skin feeling soft without corroding parts of the spa. 

Why buy local?

  • Quality service and warranty center. Costco spas and Fair and Expo spas, not from dealers, do not have warranty or proper service center if there was ever a problem. Going with a local dealer ensures that you have a warranty service in case anything goes wrong with the spa, a place to get chemicals from, and a place to get answers to any questions you may have along the way.
  • Delivery coordination. A local dealer will help coordinate with electricians, cranes, water trucks, landscapers, and anyone else involved in the delivery of the spa to ensure that it goes as smooth as possible. We provide information needed to orient the spa to get a perfect view of your backyard and where the electrical can hook up. We set up a date and time that works for you and everyone involved.