Bullfrog A8


Bullfrog A8

Available Seats: 8

Premium JetPak Seats: 6

Lounge Seats: 0

Size: 94″ (2.39m) x 94″ (2.39m) x 38″ (.97m)

Stretch way out and relax in comfort and style or invite your friends for a fun get together in this premium large hot tub. There is space to spare. The A8 is an 8-person hot tub that sets the standard for spacious comfort. With an open layout and 6 JetPaks of your choice you will enjoy a complete selection of massages. In addition, the uniquely contoured foot therapy dome provides your own personalized foot massage.

Jetpak lineup for Bullfrog Spa & Hot Tubs at Aqua Elite in Spokane WA
It's nice to have color options for your spa or hot tub.