Our classic all 20 mil liners are precision crafted from the same premium virgin vinyl that is used throughout our other high performance products. This lighter weight, highly durable product is an excellent choice for many applications.

Base: Diamond Bay
Tile: Atlantic Tide
Base: SeaGlass
Tile: Augusta
Base: Beach Pebble
Tile: Boca
Tile: Celtic Garden
Base: Gibraltar
Tile: Covington
Base: Diamond Bay
Tile: DevonShire
Base: English Stone
Tile: Gray Sonatao
Base: Carrara
Tile: Hampton
Base: SeaGlass
Tile: Lancashire
Base: BlueStone
Tile: Manhattan
Base: Stardust
Tile: Odessa
Base: Seafoam
Tile: Pacific Spray
Base: CobbleStone
Tile: Sahara Gold
Base: SandStone
Tile: Santa Cruz
Base: SandStone
Tile: St. Angelo
Base: CornerStone
Tile: WiliamSport
Base: BlueStone
Tile: Midnight
Base Midnight