Primo Grills And Smokers Are The ONLY American Made Ceramic Grills!
Cooks Direct and Indirect Simultaneously
Patented Oval Design Allows For Greater Flexibility And Versatility
Experience The Quality


Primo is the only ceramic grill manufactured in the USA. Each cooker is Hand-made and carefully inspected for quality before it leaves the factory, so you can feel secure about your investment. With the patented Primo Oval-shaped grill you get the finest, most efficient ceramic composition and largest cooking surface on the market today!

  • Prepare…..
    Tender juicy meat
    Crispy Pizza
    Crunchy veggies
    Zesty salsa
    Creamy casseroles
    Savory marinades
    Sweet Treats
    Steamy stews Ect.

Primo offers numerous convenient accessories including rack extentions, firebox divider, drip pan rack, baking stone, ash tool, grill lifter, rib rack, lump charcoal, Quick Lights (fire starters), ceramic reflector plates, metal cradle stand, and wood tables.

Primo Ceramic Grills